How To Prepare For Your College Tour

Before Your College Tour:

  • Go to the college website—check out the tour route and the Guide’s name. 
  • Before the tour, especially if this is a favorite school, contact several friends who attend there and set up an over-night and day on campus (attend classes, eat at the dining hall, get a feel for dorm life.)

What To Do While You Are On Your College Tour:

  • Arrive 5 minutes early, try to get to the head of the line. Introduce yourself. Make sure to have a notebook with you—write down all the places the tour guide will show you, and any questions you need answered.
  • Find out where the following are: the Admissions Office, sports areas (gym, pool, exercise facilities), freshman dorms and upper class dorms, dining halls, science and art labs, and health center. Pick up a college map of important locations.
  • Contact the professors who are teaching the subjects of interest to you and when they are scheduled.  Ask if you might sit in on their classes. At the conclusion of the class, spend some time with the professor if possible for a Q & A.
  • Check over your notes, see if there is anything that needs further clarification and get those answers before you leave the campus.

After Your Tour

  • After the tour has concluded, set up an appointment with an Admission’s Officer. During the interview describe your most important quality with examples that shows it in action which gives Admissions a way to see you as a valuable candidate.
  • Remember to thank all those people you met on your college tour and any others along the way who helped you.