Why Should You Hire A College Consultant?

People often say, "I have a high school guidance counselor/college adviser, isn't that enough?" Not necessarily. 

If you have 15-20 students in your high school graduating class, and you get personal attention from the guidance counselor, then perhaps that's all that you need. However, you may want specific help from someone who gets to know you very well, and can help you understand your character traits and qualities. We can use these to help you stand out from other college applicants. Additionally, you can ask me any questions that you might be reluctant to ask your guidance counselor or teachers.

My Training

  • I have insider's knowledge. As a member of the Harvard Schools Committee, I interviewed and evaluated applicants for admission to Harvard, and gained a valuable perspective on how the admissions process works.
  • I sharpened my marketing and creative skills as both an Account Manager, working on a variety of products—Procter & Gamble, General Foods, and Revlon Cosmetics; and as a Copywriter winning 2 Clio awards for outstanding creativity. Using my marketing, advertising, and interviewing skills, over the past 28 years, I've helped hundreds of students find and gain acceptance to the right colleges and graduate schools for them.

  • My years in marketing and advertising have given me the skills and knowledge to quickly and perceptively focus in on exactly what you have to offer a college—your strengths, talents and special qualities.

  • I work individually with each student, and prefer to work directly one-on-one, not delegating to subordinates.  Thanks to skype I am able, after an initial face to face session, to continue my program with my students who are located all over the world.

I'm Different Than School Counselors. How?

  • Ideally, we meet BEFORE you consult with your school counselor in the beginning of your junior year. Why? So that you can put your best foot forward with them. I'll help you assist them in showing your best qualities when they write your recommendations later to the colleges.
  • High school counselors don't have the time, nor is it their role, to help you stand out from your classmates. I offer individual attention so that I can get to know you really well, help you develop and articulate your character traits and outstanding qualities, and how they show up in your life.
  • Together we develop a detailed self portrait which can be used as a guide for the common app Personal Statement essay. Also, you can use this for mock interviews as a prep for the on campus interviews with admission officers. Please try and get these on campus interviews. The colleges will say that they don't do them anymore, but they do, and I'll show you how to get them. 

Colleges and graduate schools need to be able to distinguish you from your competition in order to admit you. If you choose a top school, you will be among applicants with very impressive grades, test scores and activities. If you apply to less challenging schools, you will still be competing with others who have similar qualifications. So, it is imperative that you find a unique way to set yourself apart from your competition. I can help you with this.

If this process sounds appealing to you, give me a call (212) 794-1466, or email me.