Choosing The Right Help For Your Student

It must be very confusing to high school  kids and their parents to figure out just who can be most helpful with college admissions? Is it the High School Guidance Counselors who must advise often 40-150 kids without the necessary time and ability to get to know each student’s unique story to help them stand out from others. Would this even be fair or appropriate to help only some students stand out from others in their class?

Then what about the independent college consultants, especially those who have been in the admissions offices of some of the top Ivy League colleges? They certainly know what admission’s offices are looking for, but do they know how to help a student discover what is unique about them so they will stand out from other students. Then do they know how to package and sell that student most uniquely and effectively  to gain admission?

That is done by marketing and advertising “know how.” The ability to find out what qualities, characteristics, abilities a student has which makes him or her unique, develop a strategy based on this difference, and then prepare that student to take advantage of this difference. This is a marketing principle I learned in advertising, and is how package goods has been sold effectively by companies for years. The same principle applies to students wanting to increase their chances of getting into top schools.

This is the governing principle of The College Entrance Specialist which I have used for 26 years to help my students get into the right colleges.