I am the CEO of The College Entrance Specialist, which I founded 26 years ago, and is located in New York City. I hold a degree from Radcliffe and The Harvard Business School.

As a member of the Harvard Schools Committee, I interviewed and evaluated applicants for admission to Harvard, and gained a valuable perspective on how the admissions process works.

I sharpened my marketing and creative skills as both an Account Manager, working on a variety of products — Procter & Gamble, General Foods, and Revlon Cosmetics; and as a Copywriter winning 2 Clio awards for outstanding creativity.

Using my marketing, advertising and interviewing skills, I developed a program for students to find and gain acceptance to the right colleges and graduate schools for them.

I work individually with each student, and prefer to work directly one-on-one, not delegating to subordinates.  Thanks to skype I am able, after initial face to face sessions, to continue my program with my students who are located all over the world.


Ms. Self was exceptional in her ability to assess each of our three girls. She got them to look at themselves, guided them to schools that fit their needs, helped them master their interviews, and how to stand out from the crowd with their essays. She was truly a blessing
— Mr. & Mrs. Ian MacKenzie Manhattan, NY
I had the advantage over my classmates because I had Alexandra. While they were getting crazed, I was practicing my ‘Who Am I’. I knew what to do at interviews. I knew what to ask on tours. With her patient and unfaltering assistance, I wrote an essay that I believe convinced the U. Penn Admission’s Committee to accept me early.
— Whitney Namm, Manhattan, NY
Right from the start Alexandra got a disorganized me to complete my ‘Who Am I’ early, and really think about what I wanted in a college. Corny as it sounds, I learned a lot about myself, my needs, my capabilities, and I got into Harvard.
— Diana Young Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
Ms. Self was often a diplomat, a psychologist, a mind reader, a terrific advisor, and, of course, she was so right about the best college for Trevor.
— Mrs. Bentley Ames, London, England
We could not have survived the process without Ms. Self. She grounded us, she gave Steven direction, helped him realize a sense of himself and how much he had to offer. She helped him put together an application and essays that were all him and winners.
— Mrs. Michael Morris, Montclair, NJ
I see some of my bright, involved friends with storybook academic backgrounds, weakly respond that they will be attending—college, rather than their first, second or even third choice. They didn’t over-apply, they misapplied. I owe you enormous thanks for your guidance, and support this year. I actually learned a lot about my needs, capabilities and my strengths thanks to you. Best of all, I had three Ivy choices!! Thank you again, Alexandra.
— Liz Perry, Brooklyn, NY
Thank you, thank you for your truly generous, perceptive, kind help. Because of Scott’s learning issues, we were so fearful that he would have few college options. I will be forever grateful for the care, and thoughtfulness with which you treated us all-and most especially for helping me talk to my son. The college recommendations you made, realizing Scott’s need to find academic success on his own, were so sound, creative and just plain excellent. You do good work.
— Wendy Grabel, Manhattan, NY